Regarding Tonight’s Events (1/24/15)

Hey Everyone,

We just wanted to update everyone on what happened tonight at the shop. Tonight a young female driver mistakenly hit the gas pedal instead of the break causing her to accelerate into the building. Sadly to say an elderly man and patron of Pizza D’s was walking into the shop when this happened and was pinned under the car.

Thanks to the help of 3 of our amazing employees and a man from JEC Construction they were able to lift the car off of the man. He was transported to Strong Hospital. We closed the shop early tonight and will resume normal hours tomorrow. Our thoughts and prayers are with the elderly man, driver and passenger of the car.

Jeff and Dan

Update (1/25/15):  Danny, the driver, passenger and I went to visit the elderly man who was injured last night. He is in guarded condition and is in very good spirits at Strong hospital. Thank you everyone for your support, thoughts and prayers.